The Undeniable Request


The players assembled. Demitrius, the dragonborn fighter whom took it upon himself to be the party’s heavily clad religious man, Ail’n, the sneaky shad’ar kai whom has a personal connection to the Raven Queen, Quinn, the skunk hengeyokai who heals others while tortured by his past, and Higgins, the butler who simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. These along with several thousand others were taken from their respective realms and transported into the world known as Ebberon. These four were banded together as the displaced masses joined together for strength. They were sent out on jobs to garner favor and money until one fateful day when they encountered demons.

Demons were not known to this realm at such a time and though they were dispatched with relative ease it troubled the group greatly. Demitrius was called away, to be replaced by Frank, a native to the realm of Ebberon, as the party journeyed forth to the track dow information about


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